24 Hours to go…

Its now just a bit over 24 hours to go until Gungho, current feelings range from excitement, to terror, to nervousness and so on.

I am in awe of just how much we have raised for Alzhiemer’s, the generosity of you all just blows me away, the constant support is absolutely incredible!

As of 23:00 last night our total fundraising was £746.19, our target was £500, there is still donations coming in as well.

The running will continue after Gungho, but I am also going to be swimming as often as i can as well as doing weights at home, both of these will help me to tone up and loose weight.

Here is a picture of me last December and a picture of me now for comparison.


At my heaviest I was about 17.5 -18 stone or 111 – 114.03kg, I am now down to approx 14 stone or 89.1kg, having only started with the weight loss around February this year, I think that I am doing pretty good, my aim is to get down to a size 12 and around 12 stone, so we shall see how long it takes me to get there.

For anybody who still hasn’t donated, what are you waiting for?!


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Hey, so I thought I would update this a bit and share what has been happening at my end recently.
So i’ve now been running since the end of March with the C25K App called C25K -5K Running Trainer, in all honesty its been really hard, when I first started it, it was torture and I had to stop midway through the 30 minute plan, now my body seems to be slightly more used to running and I can normally manage to complete the plan, however I keep rehashing the first week of it as I cannot do more than a minute of running at a time, this is starting to worry me as in my current state I cant see myself being able to do gung ho 5k properly.
I have been thinking a few thoughts on this the last few days with the idea of gyms, running buddies and personal trainers going through my mind, having looked at prices for personal trainers its safe to say that idea is out of the window, so that leaves the gym and running buddies, now with me working 4 nights a week, some weeks this just isnt going to happen regularly, also I wouldnt have a clue what to do at the gym. Ive looked at Parkrun – Newcastle also, but they meet at 9am on a Saturday morning, impossible time for me regardless of the week, so at the moment its just me on my own trying to push myself to keep going and get fitter, its really hard when your by yourself and your not accountable to anybody else, realising that if you quit then your only letting yourself down.
On the plus side I can see a difference in my size since I started and have now dropped a dress size as well as a stone and maybe more than that in weight, so that is encouraging, I have just got to continue eating healthy and exercising as often as I can, then hopefully I should be on the way to loosing more weight and toning up.
As a present to myself, with my birthday cash I recently bought a fitbit, its been really helpful for me to push myself with how many steps I do in a day, because I have a really physical job Im finding that I can really notch up the steps and a bit of friendly competition between JC and myself is always useful, I can normally notch up at least 12-15k steps per day, more if we go out somewhere that we wouldnt normally go to.
So it is now nearly the end of April, that means that in essence, I have two full months to get to a better fitness level than I am currently at, will I do it? Time will tell…

Please please consider donating towards us, for those who have already, a huge thankyou, your encouragement means so much



Hi, Michelle here.

So a little background information, John and myself have been friends for well over fifteen years, actually nearer to twenty now and we have done some crazy yet fun stuff through the years, so when I was talking to him a few weeks ago about fitness and dieting, he then suggested that we participate in GungHo, never dreaming that I would say yes!

I downloaded a C25K app that I am using to help me get fitter but because I work four nightshifts a week this makes it pretty hard for me to go running three times a week as the app recommends, after talking to my lovely sister-in-law, she suggested that I go for a run after I have finished work, so far I have managed this once.

I have also gone to a high intensity workout class last week called Skinnypigs, the class lasted fourty five min and by the end of it my legs felt like jelly. The idea for me is to try out different things as well as running so that I can get an all round fitness level.

Since starting my whole diet/healthy eating/fitness thing, I have definatly lost over 12lb, its a start but still a long way to go.