I have been getting involved with a variety of projects that are to help change things in the area I live, to help encourage and build people up who are struggling. I am working alongside the following groups to help make Teesside a better place to live:

Labyrinth Appeals – Labyrinth Appeals is a place where people who are struggling can go to get help from food, and clothes etc and be directed to various services that could help people. Many campaigns are run for fundraising and gathering resources such as a handbag appeal and food banks. They work with the fareshare deal with Tesco using some of their excess food to help those that need it most.

Stockton Town Pastors – Providing a caring presence on the streets of Stockton-on-Tees on Friday and Saturday evenings between 10pm and 3am during the ‘night-time economy’ period when members of the public may become vulnerable and in need of help.

Enactus Teesside – Enactus is global organisation made up of Students, university advisers and business partners committed using the power of entrepreneurial action to make a real sustainable impact to disadvantaged people through local projects.