Hi, Michelle here.

So a little background information, John and myself have been friends for well over fifteen years, actually nearer to twenty now and we have done some crazy yet fun stuff through the years, so when I was talking to him a few weeks ago about fitness and dieting, he then suggested that we participate in GungHo, never dreaming that I would say yes!

I downloaded a C25K app that I am using to help me get fitter but because I work four nightshifts a week this makes it pretty hard for me to go running three times a week as the app recommends, after talking to my lovely sister-in-law, she suggested that I go for a run after I have finished work, so far I have managed this once.

I have also gone to a high intensity workout class last week called Skinnypigs, the class lasted fourty five min and by the end of it my legs felt like jelly. The idea for me is to try out different things as well as running so that I can get an all round fitness level.

Since starting my whole diet/healthy eating/fitness thing, I have definatly lost over 12lb, its a start but still a long way to go.



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