I honestly do not know…

Will I be ready for this challenge is a question both of us have asked ourselves and the closer the date (2nd July) gets, the more I wonder if will I be able to do it. Apart from some bad thing happening, we will be doing the challenge and completing the course even if we do end up walking a load of it.

But it is just less than 3 weeks away now. I have been going to the gym and managing the weight machines, and rowing but the when it comes to running – I run out of breath easily. I’m not sure how I can walk it no problem, row the 2000m warm up find but running still throws me completely.

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I started on the couch to 5k program, it seems a good idea as it trains interval training wise which with us doing obstacles and not just 5K all in one go seems like a great idea. I started it at the start of April – you are meant to be able to run 5K within 6 to 8 weeks. I think this is not true as it assumes you have some ability to start with I am sure. I am on week 3 still and struggle finishing that – it is 90 seconds run, 90 seconds walk then 3 minutes run, 3 mins rest and repeat again. I manage one round okay, but only got through the second batch once – I am really struggling.

Current Gym Plan

My Current Gym Plan that I’m working with (mostly)

I am swimming twice a week, and started on 10 lengths and now up to 30 in a session – a new personal best. I am trying the best I can to get fit and attempt running outside at least once a week and attending the gym doing various strengthening and cardio exercises 2 to 4 times a week.

The question of will I be ready seems to be a resounding No, will that stop me though is also the same answer No. We will pursue the target, and really been built up by friends and sponsors. We set a target for £500 between us, and we are close to it already but appreciate all who sponsor us to do this – you would be surprised at how much of an encouragement that you believe in us while we are struggling that we can do this.

A 5K Obstacle course may not sound like much but that is just the end result, our real challenge has been getting out there and trying, doing something we have not done and really going for it.

Although I started with “I honestly don’t know if…“, I have actually came quite far. Last May (2015) I hurt my shoulders – both of them and it stopped me doing lots of things I enjoyed. I could not easily put weight on them and lifting things became very difficult – I could not even lean on my side longer than a few minutes without pain for about 20 minutes. I had physiotherapy after being referred and that started on Christmas eve, I did the what seemed like silly exercises with bands and body weight and got better to have full motion back and rarely any pain. I went to the gym induction and could not lift more than the 4kg barbells and felt really stupid but started there, and now in the gym I can use the 20kg+ ones in just over 2 months and more on the machines so it is helping my health.

I can now pick up my nephew without worrying that my shoulders will drop and so will he, so games have got a lot better since (He is coming up 3 in August). My confidence has increased from simple acts so its all a journey – one I would encourage people to do. I am not sure if we will run the entire event but it will be fun and I don’t think the journey of fitness will stop there. We have both noticed great things from attempting running and getting fit and glad we pushed each other into the idea – we both needed it, and need support and thank all that have helped us so far and all that are going to keep supporting us 🙂


– John

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